TRUBLUE Belay Gate

Starting at $69


The Belay Gate is a simple way to reinforce the proper use of auto belay devices and minimize risk from climbing error.

While not in use, the auto belay clips into this two-sided, triangular Belay Gate, blocking the initial foot holds and hand holds of a climbing lane. Once the climber transfers the auto belay carabiner from the gate to their harness, the Belay Gate lays flat on the floor, opening the climbing lane and alerting others there is a climber above. Foam adds padding and gives the gate structure up on the wall or while lying flat on the ground.

The two lower loops can be attached simply by screwing them into the wall (screw in foot holds are an option), or by using bolt hangers/bolts (adjustable webbing clips make doing so easy). The words ‘Clip In’ are in plain view when the gate is up on the wall, and the words ‘Climber Above’ warns others when the auto belay is in use. The contrast in colors on each side provides additional attention.

Available in Orange/Green

  • 420 Denier Nylon
  • 1/4″ Foam
  • 48 inches wide x 41 inches tall (1219 mm wide x 1041 mm tall)
  • Lower webbing straps adjust from 1-17 inches (25-432 mm)
  • Made in the USA