Commercial Climbing Walls

Fitness centers, rec facilities, military training sites, apartment buildings, therapy centers…we do it all! As rock climbers and contractors, Elevate Climbing Walls can help you configure and build your space to suit!

“In our entire training complex to include the gym and the Punisher, your climbing wall is the most functionally unique and aesthetically appealing element by far. Rangers showed up after the long weekend with a new wall that had ‘magically appeared’ — they couldn’t be happier.”

— Zach T. Cohen, Ft. Benning

Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes and similar shared community spaces are unique in design and use. Usually there is limited space that requires precise and effective design criteria. The customer base can be a broad range of users having access to the facility. This environment has different challenges from a climbing gym. The rock climbing walls must be designed for a broader skill level, and risk management is different than a climbing gym.

Military and Training

Military climbing walls and Search & Rescue have specific objectives for high-level, technical skills for training. They both focus on rescue operations, rappelling, and technical climbing preparation. Elevate Climbing Walls has over 20 years of experience in delivering specialized rock climbing walls for the Military and Search & Rescue.

Schools & Universities

Schools and Universities have specific teaching and leadership course objectives, but they also need fun, social and recreational settings to incorporate into their communities. Elevate Climbing Walls can help your school design, build, and get your climbing walls operational.

Elevate Climbing Walls, in collaboration with Vertical World, can also help you design the curriculum that will fit your schools objectives. Just ask about connecting with Vertical Worlds extensive history working with schools and other youth and young adult programing.

Rec & Fitness Centers

Recreation Centers often focus on youth programs, camps and group lessons for youth. Vertical World climbing gyms has been running these programs for over 30 years in their climbing gyms. Elevate Climbing Walls collaborates with Vertical World in designing the climbing walls and the programs that will meet all the youth program needs.

Adding Value Architecturally

Flesh out the creative pitch to your commercial clients by including a rock climbing wall that leads to community engagement.