Custom Climbing Wall Design & Engineering

From start to finish Elevate Climbing Walls will work with our clients on design, build, and operations of the climbing walls and facility. Ground up or renovation of an existing space, we can create a rock climbing space for any configuration.

Getting Started

Pick up the phone and give Elevate Climbing Walls a call. We have customer service and project managers available to discuss every aspect of your rock climbing wall build. Elevate Climbing Walls can offer insight into design and build considerations. We’ll use this pre-construction phase to discuss use, risk, material procurement, insurance, and site access.

Are you new to the industry? Looking to expand your existing top-rope or bouldering facility? In collaboration with Vertical World, we can also consult on strategy and objectives on design and operations. Together we can create a comprehensive development plan encompassing strategic intent, people, and systems. Let us know if you would like some additional consultation for your climbing wall business!

Project Proposal/Bid

Based off the initial review Elevate Climbing Walls will provide a project proposal containing the following:

  • Scope of project
  • Initial design considerations
  • Estimated timeline
  • Rough costs


Once a project proposal has been reviewed and discussed, Elevate and the customer will work though the type of framing, the top rope climbing walls, bouldering walls, and any other spaces included in the agreed up scope of work. Depending on the height and angle of the walls, and the environment of installation, steel or wood framing maybe be proposed.

PreFab Work

After design finalization, Elevate Climbing Walls will conduct all relevant work at their facility in Washington State, including:

  • Climbing wall panel construction
  • Framing that can be constructed remotely
  • Procurement of all auxiliary items such as holds, flooring, etc.
  • Shipment to the customer site


Elevate Climbing Walls will provide a contract to the project owner or general contractor, with all elements of the build specified; including materials, labor, logistics, climbing products, etc. Once on site, our crew will work efficiently and respectfully within the spaces they occupy; making sure to communicate with other project managers and site supervisors, to guarantee a project that is completed to expectations, and on time!