TRUBLUE iQ+ Auto Belay

Catch-and-Hold Technology. The premium model in the iQ series. $4399.00


The iQ+ marks the largest leap forward in auto belay innovation in over a decade. Designed for both indoor and outdoor climbing walls, the iQ+ is the first and only auto belay device to offer advanced features like catch-and-hold technology and IoT compatibility.

As the premium model in the iQ series, every TRUBLUE iQ+ is handmade in the USA and engineered to last. The patented magnetic braking system is friction-free, delivering high cycle counts with low maintenance requirements and minimal wear on internal parts.

  • Catch-and-Hold Technology: Allows climbers to rest and project routes.
  • Built for indoor and outdoor use.
  • High cycle count, minimal maintenance, and low cost of ownership.
  • Smooth descent: TRUBLUE is the only auto belay to utilize magnetic braking technology. Magnetic braking is extremely reliable (even in wet conditions), friction-free, and self-regulating, providing the same rate of descent regardless of a user’s size or weight.
  • Unassisted Ascent: Rather than pulling climbers up the wall, TRUBLUE gives users the most authentic climber feel, giving users the freedom to climb under their own power.
  • Improved Durability: The iQ series is equipped with wider webbing, a built-in back bumper, and replaceable mount guard.
  • IoT Compatibility: Built-in connectivity for data downloads and performance analytics (software package still to come)

Dimensions: iQ+: 370 x 280 x 254mm (14.5 x 11 x 10 in)
Weight: iQ+ LT: 19 kg (41.8 lbs)
Climber Weight Range: 10-140 kg (22-309 lbs)
Webbing Length: 41 ft (12.5 m)