Legacy Panel

4′ x 4″ Hand-Sculpted, Concrete Climbing Panel Starting at $220 USD



Our hand-sculpted, concrete surface has proven longevity! The Legacy Panel surface is a proprietary blend of polymer and concrete. It can endure years of indoor and outdoor use; and can flex to fit a creative bend in your wall design. These panels include subtle features sculpted into their surface. These features give an overall feel of a more organic, natural climbing surface.

Finish: Polymer & Concrete, Hand-Sculpted Subtle Features

Colors: Light Gray, Dark Gray, Amber, Terracotta, and White


  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Constructed with 3/4″ 7-ply plywood coated with polymer concrete
  • 4’ x 4’  Panel
  • 2-Screw Mounted T-Nuts | Custom Designed by Elevate 
  • 36 Holes for Climbing Holds
  • Outdoor Treatment Available Upon Request | $20 Per Panel Upcharge