Panel Systems

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Are your climbing walls weather resistant?

A weather resistant panel is available by special order. They are best suited for use in covered outdoor areas. Call us to discuss your outdoor projects (206) 641-9119.

Can your panels be cut to fit?

Yes our panels can be easily cut using standard tools. We recommend using a circular saw with a sharp blade. Having a stack of inexpensive blades is preferable to using expensive blades. The panels should be cut from the back with the blade set to cut the plywood and minimally score the concrete coating. The edges can be cleaned up using a masonry grinding stone available a most home improvement centers.

Is it possible to mount your panels to a curved surface?

Yes our unique polymer concrete coating allows our panels to be mounted to curved surfaces without cracking. We are experts at building beautifully curved walls. Curved walls can be challenging to build but we believe the results speak for themselves. If you feel like you are up to the challenge give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your project and get you started in the right direction (206) 641-9119.

What are the dimensions and weight of your panels?

Elevate panels are made from 3/4in structural plywood cut to 4ft x 4ft. Panels have an average weight of 50 lbs.

Do Elevate panels require professional installation?

No, our panels can be conveniently mounted to either a wood or steel frame using appropriate fasteners. We are happy to provide you with installation techniques. We also offer a range of design/build services.

How many climbing holds do we need?

The number of holds you need depends on the type of project. In general the smaller the wall the more holds we recommend. This will maximize the climbing potential. For home walls we recommend 10-25 holds per panel. For traverse walls we recommend 7-10 holds per panel. For commercial gyms and recreation centers we recommend 10-15 holds per panel.

Do you recommend mounting panels directly to an existing wall?

If your wall has exposed wood or steel studs and is structurally adequate it is possible to mount the panels directly. It is important to remember that the bolts used to attach the climbing holds will protrude beyond the back of the panel. It is important to allow for adequate space for the bolts.

We do not recommend mounting panels directly to concrete and concrete block walls or walls that have been sheeted. When in doubt build a frame for your panels to mount to. A frame adds minimal cost and will increase the versatility and maintainability of your wall in addition to allowing you incorporate shapes and angle changes into your design.

How durable is your panel system?

Our panels have been in use for over 20 years in commercial climbing gyms. The combination of high quality wood and our proprietary polymer concrete mix results in a long lasting hard wearing product backed by one of the best warranties in the business.

What are the advantages of a panel system?

A panel system is more cost effective, reconfigurable, maintainable, and allows for a higher level of quality control than seamless textured onsite systems. With a panel system old or damaged panels can be replaced and your walls can be easily modified to provide a fresh experience for your customers.

How are your panels made?

Our panels start with high quality structural grade solid cross-strand plywood. The plywood is cut into 4ft squares drilled and T-nut fasteners installed. The plywood is then textured with a hand sculpted proprietary polymer based concrete with integral color for optimal performance and durability.