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Seattle Vertical World 4.0 Buildout
Perfect Descent Auto Belay

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When Vertical World opened America’s first climbing gym in 1987 the rock climbing walls were primitive designs constructed with painted plywood and rocks attached with epoxy. In a quest to create a more functional and versatile climbing wall system and take advantage of the newly introduced modular handholds Rich Johnston set to work developing a unique polymer concrete coating for plywood.  After a few years of development and refinement the results were undeniable.

Founder Richard Johnston in front of the new Seattle Vertical World.27 years and counting, still proudly made in the USA, Elevate Climbing Wall panels are state of the art and more versatile than ever.  Elevate Climbing Walls’s panels are equally adept on home walls as in world class climbing gyms. In addition to our panel system Elevate Climbing Walls provides a full range of consulting and design-build services.

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