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Product Summary
The TRUBLUE® Auto Belay has quickly become the #1 auto belay in the world due to its patented
magnetic braking technology, sophisticated design, and high cyclic endurance. Not only has the
device been more tested than any other, but its TRU CLIMB™ Technology offers the least pull and thus,
the most “true” climb of any auto belay in the industry.

Features and Benefits
Eddy Current Magnetic Braking Technology
• The TRUBLUE® is the only auto belay to use magnetic braking technology. With no contacting
brake parts, it supports the highest of throughput operations, indoor & outdoor alike.
• Its magnetic “eddy current” braking offers a reliable, smooth, and consistent descent, cycle
after cycle. (This is unlike friction braking devices which experience brake fade and may
become unusable when wet or and increased descent speed during heavy use.)
• Proprietary “self-regulating” design enables a smooth and similar descent regardless of weight.
Fits More Walls and Climbers
• The TRUBLUE spans the widest weight & height range of any portable auto belay, meaning it is
most likely to work with your walls & climbers, young or old, heavy or light, new or experienced.
• TRUBLUE accommodates climbers 22 lbs (10kg) to 330 lbs (150 kg), allowing for the earliest
introductions to the sport possible.
• The XL model has a mounting height of up to 65.6 ft (20m)!
Most Tested and Trusted
• Enduring in the highest throughput of facilities, the TRUBLUE auto belay is tested to meet the
strictest safety standards for any auto belay or descender device in the industry.
• The TRUBLUE Auto Belays have completed over 500 million descents, exist on 6 continents, and
climbed on in over 50 countries around the world, making it the most widely used and trusted
auto belay on the planet.
Most TRU
• The TRUBLUE’s TRU CLIMB™ Technology is engineered to offer the most “true” climber feel in the
auto belay industry. Thus, the climber only feels the presence of the belay on their harness when
they need it most (i.e. the fall or descent).

Specifications and Standards
• Dimensions: 380 x 320 x 216 mm (15 x 12.6 x 8.5 in)
• Device Weight: 19.3 kg (42.5)
• Rated Working Capacity: 10 to 150 kg (22 to 330 lbs)
• Maximum Descent Speed: 2.0 m/s (6.5 ft/s)
• Maximum Line Extension (Descent Height:
o TRUBLUE: 12.5 m (41 ft) Also available in a 7.5 m (24.6 ft) length for shorter walls
o TRUBLUE XL: 20 m (65.6ft)
TRUBLUE meets the strictest safety standards of all auto belays and has undergone extensive testing by
an ISO 17025 certified lab.
• American National Standard ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2007 “Safety Requirements for Assisted-Rescue and
Self-Rescue Systems, Subsystems and Components”
• Canadian Standard, CSA Z259.2.3-99 “Descent Control Devices”
• Australian and New Zealand Standard, AS/NZS 1891.3 1997 “Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices
– Part 3: Fall arrest devices”
• European Union Directive BS EN 341 “Personal protection equipment against falls from a height –
Descender devices”