Category: Residential

How many climbing holds do we need?

The number of holds you need depends on the type of project. In general the smaller the wall the more holds we recommend. This will maximize the climbing potential. For home walls we recommend 10-25 holds per panel. For traverse walls we recommend 7-10 holds per panel. For commercial gyms and recreation centers we recommend 10-15 holds per panel.

Where is the best place to build a home climbing wall?

We have found that indoor walls get used more often than outdoor walls. Most often home walls are built in attics, basements and garages. These spaces are usually out of the way dry year round and often have exposed structures to mount to. We generally recommend against mounting walls to the outside of your house although with proper design considerations it is possible.

How big does a home climbing wall need to be to be useful?

It is possible to get a lot of use out of a small space. The smaller the wall the more holds you will need to stay motivated. Remember it is ultimately the number of climbing holds that determines the variety of climbing. A wall that is 8ft x 8ft and covered in holds can be much more useful than a wall four times the size with only a few holds. In general we recommend that

Do you recommend mounting panels directly to an existing wall?

If your wall has exposed wood or steel studs and is structurally adequate it is possible to mount the panels directly. It is important to remember that the bolts used to attach the climbing holds will protrude beyond the back of the panel. It is important to allow for adequate space for the bolts. We do not recommend mounting panels directly to concrete and concrete block walls or walls that have been sheeted. When in

Do Elevate panels require professional installation?

No, our panels can be conveniently mounted to either a wood or steel frame using appropriate fasteners. We are happy to provide you with installation techniques. We also offer a range of design/build services.