Cascade Specialty Flooring

$20-$24 Sq Ft



Carpet Bonded Foam

A polyester carpet is bonded to a cross linked polyethylene closed cell foam. This provides a durable top layer that holds up well, and is easy to maintain. Cascade Specialty Flooring uses Carpet Bonded Foam from Dollamur Sport Surfaces. They have the highest quality and most durable products on the market. Cascade Specialty Flooring has been using their products since 1999. We incorporate different versions of their products into our various systems to suit your needs.

Vinyl Coated Fabric

Cascade Specialty Flooring offer different weights of vinyl, from 18 oz to 28 oz, which are then Radio Frequency Welded into larger sheets. This type of welding is the strongest method for joining sheets of vinyl versus using the traditional Heat welded method. It’s more expensive, but gives you the strength and durability you expect. Cascade Specialty Flooring can design your floor with or without Velcro seams, depending on your needs.