Trublue Auto Belays are now available through Elevate

Posted on December 13, 2012

Elevate Climbing Walls is now a distributor for Trublue Auto Belays.  The Vertical World has installed  them in the Seattle, Redmond, and Everett gyms and we are having a great response from the customers.  I resisted putting auto belays into our gyms for years because of a fear of watering down the importance of learning to belay correctly, and not giving the impression to the customer that auto belays are a substitution for not knowing how to belay.  We figured out that the best way to implement the Trublue into the gyms is to treat them as if they are training equipment – a great way to get many laps in when you don’t have a partner.  In order to have access to the Trublue, the customer must be belay checked and they must go through an orientation before they can use it.  So far they are working out great and the customers have been very satisfied.  A great addition to our gyms.

Rich Johnston