Making an Older Gym Profitable

Posted on June 4, 2012

One thing that I have learned during the past 25 years is that it is essential to modify, refurbish, expand, or replace old climbing walls in your business after a period of time.  In 1989 I started this process with the original Seattle gym and it was based on the textured panel system.  Now that I have 4 gyms in the Puget Sound area, I have established a solid history of remodeling climbing walls in my gyms and seeing the financial results from doing so.  Climbing walls are like any other equipment in a business, especially a health club.  If the equipment gets out dated and shabby, the customers notice.  That is why I use the panel system.  It is easy an easy system to tear out and replace.  I have had the unpleasant experience of demoing a seamless system, and it was a major headache, and it was very costly.  Never again.

The bottom line is how this effects your customers.  I have seen that creates excitement and a higher level of customer satisfaction, which results in a significant increase in revenues.  Believe me, it is worth the investment.  Keep your customers psyched.


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